Install Deluge and Deluge-Web on Ubuntu and KodiBuntu

Install Deluge and Deluge-Web on Ubuntu and KodiBuntu

Deluge is a very good bittorrent utility. You can install it as an headless application, which means that it will run on the background. Then you can connect to it with an external interface from any computers on your home network or world-wide with is web interface. Here is the step to install deluge and deluge-web interface and start it as a service at boot. There is 2 reasons why we choose deluge instead of transmission.

  1. Deluge as a Label system, which make the life easier to manage your torrents.
  2. The arguments parsed in the Execute Plugin works nicely.

Install Deluge and Deluge-WEB as Headless Daemon on UBUNTU / KodiBuntu:

  1. sudo apt-get install deluged deluge-webui
  2. To test if it works
    launch deluged: deluged
    launch web-ui: deluge-web
    Open a web browser and go to: http://localhost:8112
    (default Password: deluge)

1. Install as Upstart:

This is the new recommended method to install deluged and deluge-web. It is the easiest method and you can find the Documentation / How-to here:

References – Offical Documentation: