Install Flexget with Deluge Guide

Install Flexget with Deluge Guide

With an account on 2 websites: and IMDB, flexget will be able to read the watchlist on the accounts and look into any site to download the torrents we want. is a nice database of movies like IMDB, except it will give you the opportunity to sync the movie you’ve watched / collected, create different list, share your list with friends and so on.


First, a good approach would be to install deluge as headless daemon. It means that deluge will be running 24h/24h in the background waiting for flexget to send data. You can always set inside deluge a scheduler to tell him when to download or upload if you need a certain time limit. This guide will also show you how to install a web interface so you can manage your torrents from anywhere on the planet. There is also the option to install a Windows or Linux interface to manage your torrent from any computers on your home network.

  1. Install deluged and deluge-web as an headless daemon on Ubuntu and KodiBuntu
  2. Configure Deluge deamon and Deluge-web
  3. Remotely connect to your Deluge Server with Deluge Client
  4. Hook deluge to Apache and OpenSSL and access it with custom domains
  5. Auto-Extract Archives when download completed
  6. Monitor your downloads with a PHP webpage

Flexget with and IMDB

  1. Install Flexget
  2. Configure Movies with Discover / RSS and or IMDB
  3. Configure Series with RSS Feeds and