Install Flexget on Ubuntu and Kodibuntu

Install Flexget on Ubuntu and Kodibuntu

Install PIP / Flexget :

Pip is an python installer. With Ubuntu you should already have python 2.7 installed which is required by flexget. You can check it by typing: python2

  1. Install pip:
    wget sudo python
  2. Install flexget: sudo pip install flexget
      Known Pip Problems with flexget:
  3. Check if it works: flexget -V
    You should see:
    You are on the latest release.
  4. Install in your crontab: crontab -e
    15,45 * * * * /usr/local/bin/flexget -L verbose execute --cron
    Here we set it every 30min when to clock it the 15th minute and the 45t minute. This will allow to download a TVShow 15min after it is usually finish and uploaded over the internet. It normally takes less then 15mins to be uploaded. Let say the TVshow aired at 19h. It will be over at 20h and available on internet at 20h10. The crontab will check at 20h15 and snap it. This allow you to have a TVshow approximatly 1h30 after the TVshow is aired.We set the Log output to verbose, which output a lot more information. you can remove this argument. We find it more useful to debug when we have this amount of log information.
  5. Create the config dir: mkdir ~/.flexget
  6. Create the config file: touch ~/.flexget/config.yml
  7. Basic configurations:
    Configure Flexget Movies: Discover/RSS and
    Configure Flexget Series with RSS Feeds and

Update Flexget:

  1. sudo pip install --upgrade flexget

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