HTPC, Why? (Home Theatre Personal Computer)

HTPC, Why? (Home Theatre Personal Computer)

First of all, what is a HTPC? It is basically a small computer with basic components that are good enough to play any media up to 1080p in 3D and soon 4k movies with sound in stereo, 5.1 Surround or even 7.1 surround. It also allow you to play some game that are not too greedy, watch internet stream such as youtube, netflix, vimeo, trailers, etc. In some words: you can do everything a computer can do. Nowadays, this market is growing considerably. You now have chromecast, apple tv, hulu and all sort of little extra component you can plug into your TV and have a Home Theater out of the box. So why HTPC a solution that can cost over 200-500$ ?


Unlike Apple and android products (in example) you don’t have to hack in order to install special applications. A HTPC is basically a computer! You can customize everything in it to your taste. It maybe take extra time but at the end of the day it worth it.


With special hardware, it is possible to plug the TV directly into your HTPC. You have the possibilities to stream and record it via XMBC and MythTv, one the best applications out there for your media center.


Nowadays, the home theatre industry is groing like mushrooms. You can find devices such as the chromecast, the ouya, the apple tv, the smart tvs, and a lot more. The fact is that most of these devices doesn’t have much space in it, they are streaming the media content over your home network or over the internet. Wireless streaming, or wire streaming are, most of the time, not fast enough to stream 1080p videos. The speed has nothing to do with a hard drive speed. So, in the end, you might end up streaming content only over internet with the cost of a reduced video/sound quality.


With a HTPC you will be able to RIP off your BLURAY collection directly onto your hard drive, read directly your DVDs and access them anywhere on the planet.


Here you have a bluray DVD player, a lot of space to store your movie library, a smart TV, a 3D Digital output, a web-server. If you buy a 3D Bluray player + a Apple-TV/Chromecast/Hule/etc. and everything else you need you will end up at more or less the same price at the end of the day. —-


So, if you are ready let’s get started: BUILDING THE MACHINE (HTPC)